Friday, November 30, 2007

Came across this great gadget for the Google homepage:

By Rob Kodey
Watch the Netflix Prize Leaderboard, right from your Personal Homepage! NEW: Wide Mode option. NEW: See how team scores are improving. See how teams are moving up and down the Leaderboard. User Preferences control the display. Comments, feedback, and suggestions welcome.

I can now watch my progress without leaving Google. Great.

Also started trialling Mathematica (so that I can hide my mathematical ignorance from my family!). It looks very powerful, but its going to take some time to figure out how to work it.

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JSE said...

Hi, just a guy in a garage -- I do some freelance writing about mathematical topics and I'd be very interested in putting together a piece on your approach to this problem, if you're game. I'm a bit worried about being covered in spam if I put my e-mail address in a comment, so just go to my blog and you can get my e-mail off the "about" page. Thanks!