Monday, January 14, 2008

Cult movies and Trekkies

Been doing some work on the Netflix prize to identify whether cult followings of different movies provide more accurate estimates. The Trekkies win hands down. These are the top most similar scores produced by the model to Star Trek : Voyager: Season 1 (in order).

Star Trek : Voyager: Season 2
Star Trek : Voyager: Season 3
Star Trek : Voyager: Season 4
Star Trek : Voyager: Season 5
Star Trek : Voyager: Season 6
Star Trek : Voyager: Season 7

Such reliability - even down to the order of the seasons! Quite incredible. Even more amazing, the 26 most similar scored films are all versions of Star Trek and the 37 most similar films are all Star Trek or Stargate films.

This is a phenomena definitely worth pursuing.

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Autumn said...

Go back even further to the original Star Trek, and you may find similar patterns.
I have a few thoughts for you about the Netflix prize. Kinda off the wall;) 1. Some director/actor teams seem to do really well together, such as Nicolas Cage and Jerry Bruckheimer; or Harrison Ford with George Lucas or Steven Spielberg. Their sequels do well, too. Some people base their decisions to see a movie on that very team.